100g Natural Rani Henna Powder Conditioner Mehandi Hair Body Tattoo Dye Red 115

100g Natural Rani Henna Powder Conditioner Mehandi Hair  Body Tattoo Dye Red 115

100g Natural Rani Henna Powder Conditioner Mehandi Hair Body Tattoo Dye Red 115

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100g Natural Rani Henna Powder Conditioner Mehandi Hair & Body Tattoo Dye Red ( Triple filtered )

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 No More Chemical Reactions

ITEM DESCRIPTION    100g Natural Rani Henna Powder Conditioner Mehandi Hair & Body Tattoo Dye Red 




Rani is very famous brand name in HENNA 

It is 100% halal, natural and safe for all skin types and hair

What is Henna ?

       Henna is the Persian name for a shrub known as Lawson inermis. Henna is native to Asia and the Mediterranean coast of Africa and now thrives in warmer climates all over the world. It has small, four-petaled flowers ranging from yellow to pink and its leaves produce a bright dye. Twice a year the leaves are harvested, dried, and ground into a fine powder. This powder is used to dye hair and for the ancient eastern art . Henna contains hennotannic acid, a dye that bonds with the collagen in skin cells and keratin of fingernails and hair, leaving behind a bright coloring.

Why to use RANI henna

RANI henna is 100% natural from the plant with no additives

Made from the best and finest natural materials and does not have any side effect* 

*can be used for all kinds of SKIN and HAIR without exceptions



* Very simple way to use.

* 100% Natural ingredients

No side effect or allergic reaction ,Suitable for all kind of skins and hairs. 



100% Pure Best Quality ( Special Red)

Triple filtered

Rani henna is for both skin decorating dye and hair dye conditioner



  • Mix henna powder in luke warm water. Don’t mix anything else except water.
  • Make an application paste and apply the paste immediately.
  • Before decorating, wash body parts of your body with soap.
  • Apply the paste on clean hands, feet or any other area where you wish to make a design or tattoo.
  • Wait until the paste dries; remove the henna paste with tissue paper or towel.
  • After removing the dry henna paste, apply any skin cream or oil on the decorated area and leave for 30 minutes.
  • After that wash finally with plain water and avoid using soap on the decorated areas for another 2 hours to get the maximum color.


 * Mix henna powder in luke warm water and make an application paste.

* Put on surgical gloves to save your hands from stains.

* The paste has to be applied on hair immediately after mixing with water.

* Divide your hair in four sections and apply paste on each from root to top evenly.

* Wait 45 minutes.

* Rinse off thoroughly.


                                  This is one gorgeous piece!

    A great find for the Egyptian treasure collector


Condition: 100% NEW  WITH HIGH QUALITY 

Quantity  : 1 pack ,100 GM EACH PACK

Color: SPECIAL Red Henna

Weight (Approx.) : 100 GM each pack

Material:  100% natural HENNA

Packing Size (Approx.) : 6.5 " × 4" INCH = 16.5 × 10 CM


 Expiry date : 1 / 2016

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