About Us

Our website ( BonBalloon.com ) was launched in 2016 , but our company has been present in the Egyptian souvenir & gifts  industry for almost 20 years now . In our online shop you can find  Egyptian hand made jewelry, gifts, collectibles, souvenirs and more ….

We provide Egyptian Arabian products to our customer , we are targeting the Egyptian Arabian community lovers in whole world. Our goal is to deliver our products with love to all Egypt & Arab lovers all over the world.

We are proud to introduce our Egyptian culture to the world. We may be growing fast, but we still adhere to our start-up ethos.

 Our mission is to provide a happy and secure place for our customers to shop and experience our culture from all over the world. We do our absolute best to offer the lowest prices as a token of our appreciation for each and every one of our customers.

 We wish to provide the shopping flexibility you need in a friendly, happy, and efficient environment. You can count on our team to provide the best product choices at competitive prices. We sincerely hope you enjoy shopping with us!

 We also provide community outreach and support programs such as community development, donations, scholarships, and women support programs. Every purchase with us pays back to our community. We understand the tremendous benefits of customer loyalty , therefore we exist to serve the community.

 Thank you for joining the BonBalloon family !