EL - Yemeni EL Yemeni ELYemeni Original Turkish Coffee Cafe Arabic Arabian Arabica Ground Roasted Mud Plus Cardamom Coffee Light Roast ( Plus Cardamom Coffee Light Roast )

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Brand: EL Yemeni


    • Item Description : EL - Yemeni EL Yemeni ELYemen Original Halal Turkish Style Coffee Cafe Arabic Arabian Arabica Fresh Ground Roasted Mud Coffee With Vacum Bag Airtight Packed ( قهوة بن تركى ) With Very Strong Taste And Very Strong Aroma A Widely Popular Coffee Drink In Arabian And Middle Eastern Countries Packed In A Vacum Bag To Keep The Strong Taste And Aroma How To Create The Best Coffee
    • A- Boil Water Equal To The Number Of Servings Required
    • B- Add One Heaped Tea Spoon Of Coffee For Every Cup. Add Required Sugar Amount And Stir 3.
    • C- Bring To A Boil On A Low Flame. Take Off When The Coffee Starts Rising And Serve.
    • D-Taste And Enjoy
    • Condition: 100 % Pure Natural Organic Coffee,
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    • Material: 100 % Natural And Organic
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    EAN: 7778978968853