Pure & Natural Ginger Oil Cold Pressed El Hawag Organic Concentrated Crude Perfect for Body & Skin & Hair (1 Pack = 17.64 oz / 500 ml) Ginger Oil

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Brand: El Hawag


  • 100% Pure & Natural Ginger Oil Cold Pressed Al Hawaj Elhawag El Hawag Organic Concentrated Crude Perfect Fresh For Body & Skin & Hair Halal ( 1 Pack = 17.64 oz / 500 ml ) زيت الزنجبيل حلال ( Oil Shipped In Plastic Container )
  • Ginger Oil Is Added To Soups , Sandwiches And Salads .  Are Typically Used InIn food in general-  Benefits Hair & Skin : Helps To Intensify Hair And Increase Its Length And Increase The Freshness Of The Skin .
  • Ginger Oil : Internal Use : You Can Add Half A Spoon To Half A Cup Of Water And Eat It And It Is Also Added To The Amount Of Half A Kilo Of Honey And Taken 2 : 3 Times A Day .
  • External Use : It Is Used Topically On Hair Massage To Nourish . It Is Also Applied Topically To The Skin With And Massage To Nourish The Skin . - Ginger Oil Extraction : Steam Distillation - Made In Egypt - 100% Pure And All Natura
  • Promote digestive health
    Since it soothes stomach irritation, ginger oil is one of the best natural options for indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain, and even nausea and vomiting.
    A study showed that it has an important role in promoting the health of the digestive system as a whole.
  • Helps solve respiratory problems
    This makes it the right home solution for colds, flu, asthma and bronchitis as well.
    It moisturizes the respiratory system as a whole which helps to breathe better.
  • - Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .