Pure & Organic Whole Green Cardamom Cardamomo Cardamon Seed Seeds Dried Dry Natural ( 5.29 oz / 150 gm ) Fresh Herbal Herb Herbs Seasoning Spice Spices Non Gmo Kosher Halal بذر حبهان أخضر حلال

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    • Item Description : 100% Pure & Organic Whole Green Cardamom Cardamomo Cardamon Seed Seeds Dried Dry Elettaria Cardamomum Natural Fresh Herbal Herb Herbs Tea Cooking Seasoning Spice Spices No Additives No Preservatives Gluten Free Non Gmo Kosher Halal ( 5.29 oz / 150 gm ) بذر حبهان أخضر حلال
    • Cardamom , Sometimes Cardamon Or Cardamum , Is A Spice Made From The Seeds Of Several Plants In The Genera Elettaria And Amomum In The Family Zingiberaceae . Both Genera Are Native To India , Bhutan , Indonesia And Nepal . They Are Recognized By Their Small Seed Pods : Triangular In Cross Section And Spindle Shaped , With A Thin Papery Outer Shell And Small Black Seeds Elettaria Pods Are Light Green And Smaller , While Amomum Pods Are Larger And Dark Brown .
    • It Is A Common Ingredient In Indian Cooking . It Is Also Often Used In Baking In The Nordic Countries , Particularly In Sweden And Finland, Where It Is Used In Such As The Scandinavian Jule Bread Julekake , The Swedish Kardemummabullar Sweet Bun And Finnish Sweet Bread Pulla . In The Middle East , Green Cardamom Powder Is Used As A Spice For Sweet Dishes , As Well As Traditional In Coffee And Tea .
    • Cardamom Is One Of The World’s Very Ancient Spices . It Has A Warm And Eucalyptine With Camphorous And Lemony Undertones . Cardamom Is Used For Cooking , Baking And Sometimes Mixed With Coffee Beans .
    • If You Are Using Cardamom For Hot Drinks Such As Coffee , Simply Grind Three To Four Cardamom Seeds Along With Your Coffee Beans And Pour Your Hot Water Over As Usual .
    • Cardamom The Seeds Are Small Green Save To Use For Adding To Coffee Or Tea And You Can Use Cardamom Added Directly To Recipes That Call For Cardamom
    • Green Cardamom Is One Of The Most Expensive Spices By Weight . However , Cardamom Seeds Or Pods Are Sometimes Chewed . This Spice Is Used In Indian And Middle Eastern Cuisine .
    • Quantity : 1 Pack = 5.29 oz / 150 gm