Tik Tik Instant Lentil With Vermicelli Soup Mix Lentils Lens Spice Seasoning Baharat Middle East Eastern Arab Arabian Herb Herbs Appetite Kosher Halal ( 4 Pack = 5.64 oz / 160 gm ) شوربة العدس بالشعرية حلال

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Brand : Tik Tik

Details :

  • How To Prepare : Empty The Contents Of The Soup Bag Into a Bowl, Then Add One Cup Of Hot Water ( 230 Ml ) , Then Stir The Contents Well Until Dissolved , Then Leave For 3 Minutes And Enjoy The Delicious Tik Tok Soup .
  • Ingredients : Dried Yellow Lentils , Fried Vermicelli , Palm Oil , Starch , Tomato Powder , Butter , Salt , Sugar , Onion Powder , Garlic Powder, Chicken Broth , Black Pepper And Milk Powder
  • Product Information : Tik Tik Instant Lentil Vermicelli Add a Special Touch To The Soup . You Can Just Start Your Meal With This Wonderful Soup .
  • Relax With Steaming Bowls Of Soup The Condenser Is Full Of Convenient Spoons That Explode Exceptionally Well . Condensed Soups Are The Perfect Staple To Pull Off As Part Of An Easy Weekend Dinner And Are The Ultimate Comfort Food .
  • Delicious Lentil Soup Is Packed With Wholesome Ingredients , You Can Eat While Enjoying The Comforting Taste Of Home In Every Spoonful . Relax And Take A Break For a Cup Of Soup .
  • Quantity : 4 Pack = 5.64 oz / 160 gm
  • - Manufacture And Expiration Dates Shown On The Main Packaging In European Format DD / MM / YY.