100% Authentic Egyptian Original Hand Painted Painting Papyrus Paper Pharaoh Ancient 8"x12" (20x30cm) Isis and Maat Offering Flowers Hieroglyphic Scroll History Pharaohs Papyri Hieroglyphics

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  • Size: 12 X 16 Inch (30 X 40 cm ) (Frameable)
  • 100% Handmade & Hand Painted Multi Colors , Egyptian Hand Painted Papyrus With High Quality . Authentic Egyptian Papyrus Paper Made From The Papyrus Plant Grown In Egypt With The Same Methods Used By Ancient Egyptians Technique , We Only Guarantee You Quality Papyrus Sheets
  • EXCELLENT PIECE FOR ARTWORK: Enjoy A Fantastic Experience With Our Egyptian Paper Papyrus As You Feel The Grid Of The Papyrus To See How The Sheets Are Made And Can Be Used For Art Project, Scrap Booking , Scroll Scrap Booking School History Teaching Aid
  • Material: Original Organic Egyptian Handmade Papyrus Paper. Made In Egypt

EAN: 4770148215524

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