Egyptian Al Doha Dry Lupine Alba Beans Premium Quality Legumes For Cooking ترمس

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Brand: Al Doha


  • 100% Natural Premium Quality. ** State: Dry Egyptian Lupine ready
  • Al Doha Egyptian Lupine is : well known for its high nutritional values, as it contains high percentage of proteins, fibers, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals, Al Doha Egyptian Lupine is selected from the best sources, which grants it a special privilege of regional taste and fast preparation.
  • -Always store in dry, cool place away from sunlight and any sources of pollution and chemicals, in low temperature that doesn't exceed 20°.
  • Al Doha's Products : guarantee the best quality and purity for every grain ,which begin with the selection of the most valuable and natural crops to the processing and storage phase as our range passes through several stages of purification, sorting ,cleaning and polishing done by the latest electronic and mechanical technology.


  • Egyptian Al Doha Dried Lupine Alba Beans Premium Quality
  • - Ready to be cooked-
  • Suggestion for a preparation:
  • Its preferred to soak fava beans from 20 to 24 hours pre-cooking to ease the cooking process and retain the highest nutrition value.
  • Ingredients:
  • one pack 500 gm of Al Doha Lupine, water, salt, cumin, lemon juice.
  • Method:
  • 1-Soak Lupine beans from 20 to 24 hours before cooking.
  • 2-Wash it well and but it in Cooking pot with enough water
  • 3-Cooke it till it's done - about 60 min could be more or less based on the heat.
  • 4-If it needs some water add some until it's enough.
  • After beans cooked:
  • 1-Remove the water from the cooking pot.
  • 2-Put the cooked lupine in a deep utensil with enough water to be covered.
  • 3-Change the water with a clean one twice in first 24 hours with adding an amount of salt in every time.
  • 4-After 24 hours you can served it with drops of lemon juice and some cumin, you can also add some paprika if you want to.
  • 5-Change the water everyday to keep it fresh and tasty.
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