Nature Max Fenugreek Oil Essential Oils Organic Natural Undiluted Pure For Hair Growth Skin Health Care Massage Cold Pressed Premium Quality زيت الحلبه

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  • Nature Max Cold Pressed Pure Fenugreek Essential Oil : Made From 100% Natural Organic Pure Carefully Selected Fenugreek Egyptian Seeds . This Strong And Effective Fenugreek Essential Oil Is Cold Pressed And Packaged Without Any Additives . Undiluted. Gmo Free , Cruelty Free , And Never Tested On Animals . Botanical Name : Trigonella Foenum .
  • Nature Max Fenugreek Oil For Hair Growth : Very Popular Hair Growth Oils , Fenugreek Seeds For Hair Growth Dates Back As Far Back As 4000 b.c. Ancient Egyptians Considered It a Herb For Royalty. Fenugreek Oil Strengthens Hair And Creates Shiny Hair . It Works Perfect To Give You Healthy , Strong , Nourishing , Thicker , Long Shiny Beautiful Hair . Great For Fuller Hair And Volumized Confidence . Supports Healthy Hair Growth And Helps Hair Growth
  • Nature Max Fenugreek Oil For Better Skin , Face & Body : When Using Fenugreek Oil For Skin , It Helps Soothe And Calm The Skin For All Day Comfort . It Makes The Skin Softer , Firmer And Toned And Nourishes Dry Skin .These Oil Will Nourish And Moisturize The Skin By Removing All The Dryness And Will Gives It a Beautiful Glow
  • Nature Max Helps Maintain The Right Oil Balance In The Skin. Making It An Excellent Choice For Improving Skin Condition , Prolonging Youth And Female Beauty . Fenugreek Carrier Oil Works To Create Clear Skin . For All Skin Types , It Relieves And Promotes , Soothes And Calms Skin For All-Day Comfort And For Boosted Confidence
  • Nature Max Fenugreek Carrier Oil : With a Nutty , Celery Like Aroma , Fenugreek Oil Can Be Mixed With Other Hair Oil Essential Massage Oils, Soaps , And Candles To Help Your Body Relax And Restores Its Activity And Freshness . Fenugreek Oil Is Perfect For Your Hair And Skin , Creating a Smooth And Nourishes Skin And Gives Luxurious Luscious Shiny Hair And That Too Naturally Hair.