50gm Ointment El Hawag Colocynth Natural Herbal with Menthol Massage Relief Muscle Pain Joint Pain, Back Pain and Soft Tissue Inflammation.Anti-Inflammatory Joint Inflammations (Shoulders Knee Back)

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Brand: El Hawag


  •  Product Description: 50gm Natural Hawaj Colosynth Herbal Ointment with Menthol Massage to relieve muscle aches, joint pain, back pain and soft tissue inflammation.
  •  No more chemicals!!
  •     Suitable for reducing muscle pain, joint pain, back pain and soft tissue inflammation. After applying the ointment, the muscles relax and the ailments disappear. It is also recommended for use as a sports ointment. Ideally suited for people who engage in rehabilitative sports. Pain reliever and anti-inflammatory massage ointment has a strong effect in reducing rheumatic pain and arthritis (shoulders - knees - back)
  •     Quantity: 1 pack
  •     Color: see pictures
  •     Weight (approx): 50g = (1.76oz) net weight per package
  •     Material: 100% organic
  •     Manufacture and expiration dates shown on the main packaging are in European format which is DD / MM / YY