100% Pure & Organic Lady's Mantle Alchemilla Vulgaris Dry Dried Natural Herbal Herb Herbs Tea ( 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) No Additives No Preservatives Halal عشبة ( رجل الأسد - عباءة السيده ) حلال

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  • Ingredients : 100% Organic Alchemilla Vulgaris - Lady's Mantle Is A Perennial Herb Found In North America , Europe And Asia . It Has Been Referenced In Many Herbal And Circles Since The Middle Ages . Its First Appearance In Southern Europe And The Maghreb . Its Scientific Name Alchemilla Vulgaris Is A Derivative Of The Arab Work Alkemelych , Or Alchemy , So Called For The Plant's Potency .
  • This Is Why It Can Be A Very Good Idea To Opt For The Herbs Are Plants For Their Benefits . – Directions : One Teaspoon Pour The Glass Of Boiling Water And Leave Under A Cover For Approx . 8-10 Minutes Until It Infuses . Strain It And Drink 1-2 Times A Day .
  • Whole Plant Herbs : A “ Whole Herb ” Would Technically Include All Parts , Roots , Bark , Stems , Leaves , Flowers And Fruit Of The Plant And Have Been Used For Hundreds Of Years By Many Cultures . Whole Herbs May Be Consumed Fresh Or Preserved (Usually Dried) Whole Herbs .
  • Alchemilla Vulgaris , Lady’s Mantle Is A Beautiful Display Of Elegance And Strength . This Stately Plant Has Uniquely Ruffled Scalloped Bluish Green Leaves That Are Finely At The Edges And Covered With Soft Fine Hairs And A Slight Coating .
  • Its Flowering Stalks, Or Racemes , At First Glance Appear Lacy Bearing Tiny Star Like Yellow Green Flowers . Most Notable , This Plant Has An Exquisite Ability To Funnel And Collect Morning Dew Upon Its Leaves , Which Persists Well Into The Day When All Other Dew Has Long Since Evaporated .

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