100 % Pure & Organic Sumac Sumach Summaq Ground Powder Dried Natural Herbal Herb Herbs Seasoning Spice Spices Cooking Rhus Non Gmo No Preservatives Kosher Halal ( 17.64 oz / 500 gm ) سماق مطحون حلال

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  • Sumac Is An Authentic Middle Eastern & North African Spice . It Is Ancient Superfood. Sumac Berries Are Dried And Crushed To Form A Bright Red , Fresh And Lemony Spice That Adds A Splash Of Red To Dishes .Sprinkle Over Food Before Serving . Great On Everything Sprinkle On Fattoush Salad , Eggs And Popcorn . Roast As A Dry Rub On Chicken , Lamb , Fish And Veggies . Dip With Pita Bread And Hummus . Sprinkle The Perfect Spoon Over Foods .
  • Sumac Can Be Used To Season Many Foods Including Dry Rubs , Marinades , And Dressings . Essentially , This Sumac Is A Great All - Around Middle Eastern Ingredient , But That Does Not Mean All Arab Food Tastes The Same. Try Pairing With Different Ingredients , Such As Vegetables , Grilled Lamb , Chicken And Fish . It Will Become A Unique And Familiar .
  • Ground Sumac Is Most Often Used In Turkish Seasoning And Arabic Spices Ground Sumac Spice Is The Tangy Powder From The Fruit Of The Sumac Shrub . It Is Preferred To Lemon Tamarind And Vinegar Zesty . Sumac Is All Natural Vegan Non Gmo No Salt Gluten Free And Preservative Free . Sumac ( Also Spelled “ Sumach ” Derived From The Arabic Word “ Summaq ” ) Is Harvested Dried And Then Ground .
  • The Ancient Herb Sumac Colored Berries That Are Ground Into A Beautiful , Coarse Powder That Bursts With Color . Has Been Underappreciated In Cooking ( If You Immediately Thought Of Poison Ivy , You’re Wrong ! ) For Centuries . Sumac Is The Secret Ingredient In Endless Middle Eastern Mezzes , Salads , Rice Dishes , Stews And Kebabs . And Thanks To Its Beautiful , Rich , Deep Red Color , Sumac Is The Perfect Finishing Touch For Dips , Vegetables And Grains
  • You Can Also Sprinkle It Atop Basmati Rice , Grain Salads , Pita Chips, Or Any Type Of Flatbread. Add It To Roasted Vegetables , Fried Or Scrambled Eggs , Or Incorporate It Into Roasted Nuts . Rub Sumac On Meat , Fish , Or Poultry If You ’ re Grilling Them , Even Better . - Quantity : 1 Pack = 17.64 oz / 500 gm

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