Aloe Eva Hair Oil With Aloe Vera Almond Oil & Arugula Extract Proteins & Vitamins Nourishes Moisturizer & Stronger Hair Growth Strengthens Repair & Smooth ( Almond Oil & Arugula )

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  • Aloe Eva Hair Oil With Aloe Vera Almond Oil & Arugula Extract Proteins & Vitamins Nourishes Anti Aging Moisturizer & stronger & thicker Hair Growth strengthens repair smooth Conditioner Pure Natural
  • Aloe Eva Hair Oil With Aloe Vera, Almond Oil And Arugula Extract: Anti Hair Fall Formula For Fast And Thick Hair Growth Offers Deep Intensive Treatment That Nourishes The Scalp And Strengthens Hair From The Roots. Concentrated Aloe Vera , Almond Oil And Arugula Extract Tends To Each Hair Follicle , Feeding It With Over 50 Essential Nutrients , Proteins And Vitamins That Strengthen It From Its Very Core. It Helps Repair And Smooth Hair Into Fast And Healthy Hair Growth For Stronger And Thicker
  • Hair , All Wrapped In A Natural Shine. Direction Of Use : Put It On Dry Or Wet Hair And For Better Results Use It As Oil Bath For 20-30 Minutes Then Rinse Off. Almond Oil To Is A Natural Emollient That Has A Variety Of Moisturizing Nutrients To Replenish Hair That’s Dry & For Beautiful Luminous Hair. Watercress Seed Oil Contains High Levels Of Nutrients That Can Help Improve Overall Health, But Especially Our Skin, Hair, And Scalp Health. Watercress Oil Is Packed With Antioxidants That
  • Can Help Soothe Skin Problems. Aleo Vera : Great For Use As An Aftershave Hair Gel Or Leave In Conditioner For Shinier Healthier Hair. Gives Stronger, Softer And Silkier Hair And Also Helps In Nourishing Them . Aloe Vera Helps In Making The Hair Soft . Transform Dry & Damaged Hair Smooth Frizz And Naturally Improve Your Hair's Luster & Vitality. It Contains High Promote Scalp Health And Stimulate Hair Growth. One Of The Best Deep Tissue Hair Therapy And Firming Anti Cellulite Oils Available.
  • It Is Non-Greasy And Leaves Your Hair Glowing Radiant And Healthy Looking .
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  • Condition : 100% Natural
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