Bab El Sham Organic Bay Leaves 5 gm Dry Lorry Luraa Laura Laurus Nobilis Leave Leafs Leaf Spice Spices Seasoning Natural Herb Herbs Herbal Cooking Topping Foods ( 4 Pack = 0.70 oz / 20 gm ) ورق اللورا

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Brand: Bab El Sham


  • Leaves Laura Dried Leave Origanum 100% Natural Organic Herbal Herb Leaves Leaf Spice Seasoning Egyptian ( 4 Pack = 0.70 oz / 20 gm ) Mediterranean 100% Organic Natural , Gluten Free , Non GMO , Non Irradiated , No Artificial Flavors For Chicken , Fish , Stuffing And Tomato Dishes Halal ورق اللورا حلال
  • Enhance Your Culinary Experience With Hearty Spices Herbs Flavor , Bold Taste And Vibrant Aroma Bay Leaves Laura Flavor Similar To Oregano . Subtler And Sweeter Than Oregano . Bay Leaves Laura Spice Has A Bold Aromatic Flavor And Is Similar To Oregano And Basil In Taste . It Can Be Used In A Variety Mediterranean Dishes Such As Sauces And Meat Marinades .
  • Benefit Of Laura Leaf : Struggling With Nasty Cold And Finding It Difficult To Focus And Breathe ? Try Laura Paper . Laura Paper Can Be Boiled With Water And Made Into A Warm Concoction To Remedy Persistent Cold . Take Some Laura Paper , Clean Them With Water And Then Add Them To A Glass Of Water And Put It To Boil On . Until The Water Is Reduced To About Three Fourths Of Its Original Quantity And Then Drink . Add A Little Honey To It , If You Like
  • Laura Paper Clarifying Scalp And Healthy Strong Substance That Removes Dandruff Scalp . The Leaves And The Derived From This Plant Are Extensively Used Around The Globe For Cosmetic Uses . Bye Bad Hair . Hello To Sleek And Silky Hair
  • Bay Leaves Dried Broken Leaves Leaf Is One Of The Most Common Trees In The Arab Region Especially In Deserts . Its Fruits And Leaves Contain Many Minerals , Salts And Vitamins Necessary For Human Health . And All Natural & Raw wild Herbal Plant Tree Trees No Preservatives . Add Bay Leaves To Curries And Dishes For A Robust . Product Is Grown Naturally To Retain All Nutrients . 100% Natural - Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .

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