Bab El Sham Organic Coriander Powder Ground Spice Spices Seasoning Natural Pure Premium Herbs Herbal Vegan No Gmo & Food Taste Amazing Cooking Fresh Perfect ( 4 Pack = 7 oz / 200 gm ) كزبرة باب الشام

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Brand: Bab El Sham


  • Bab El Sham Organic Coriander Powder Ground Origanum 100% Natural Herbal Soft Herb Herbs Vegan Spice Seasoning Egyptian Extremely Popular Herb , Freshens Breath And Combats Halitosis , Very Strong Resemblance Helps Increase Sexual Desire Mediterranean Halal ( 4 Pack = 7 oz / 200 gm ) كزبرة باب الشام حلال Organic Natural , Gluten Free , Non GMO , Non Irradiated , No Artificial Flavors Helps Food Taste Amazing Cooking Fresh Taste Perfect Topping
  • Coriander Is Native To Southwestern Asia , But It Spread Quickly Across The Mediterranean Area . It Is Used In Dishes And Pastry . Its Seeds And Leaves Are Added To Curry , Coriander Is Often Used In Spanish , Mexican , Latin And Indian Cuisine . It's A Common Ingredient In Spice Rubs , Marinades , Chilis , Sauces , Soups And Curries And Works Well With Onions , Bell Peppers , Tomatoes And Potatoes . Use In All Types Of Curries, Pickles, Chutneys And Sauces .
  • Sprinkle Over Fresh Salads . Use To Flavour Soups, Carrot And Coriander Is Quite Popular .
  • Use To Flavour Homemade Bread , waffles & scones .
  • Used As For Some Cakes And Biscuits & Use To Add Flavour To Creamed Cheese Or Mayonnaise . To Garnish Meat , Fish Or Vegetable Dishes .
  • Use In Meat Or Vegetable Burgers And Other Homemade Dishes .
  • Use In Marinades , Particularly For Meat And Fish . Coriander Goes Very Well With Mushrooms .
  • Use To Spice Up Stir Fries And Bland Vegetables Such As Spinach .
  • Coriander Is An Extremely Popular Herb That Is Used Extensively And Liberally In Indian , Thai , South American And Middle Eastern Cuisine . Other Names For Coriander , Which You May Recognize , Are Cilantro And Chinese Parsley . The Leaves Of The Coriander Herb Bear A Very Strong Resemblance To Italian Flat-Leafed Parsley And Sometimes It Is Difficult To Tell Them Apart
  • Coriander Has Also Been Used For Thousands Of Years . Coriander Has Traditionally And Is Still Used Mainly . If Prepared As A Herbal Tea . Coriander Is Predominantly Used To Flavor Curries And Soups But Can Be Used In Many More Types Of Dishes And Meals . - Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .