Bab El Sham Organic Thyme Powder Ground Mix Spice Spices Zaatar Seasoning Natural Premium Herbs Herbal Vegan No Gmo & Food Cooking The Mediterranean Multiple ( 4 Pack = 5.64 oz / 160 gm ) زعتر محوج

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Brand: Bab El Sham


  • Thyme , Native To The Mediterranean , Has An Aromatic Flavor That Adds Warmth And Pungency To Dishes . Records Of Thyme Date Back To Ancient Greece Where It Symbolizes Courage . Sprinkle Over Roasted Vegetables Or Potatoes . Marinate Chicken Or Fish In Olive Oil , Lemon Juice And Thyme Before Grilling . ( 4 Pack = 5.64 oz / 160 gm ) زعتر محوج باب الشام
  • Thyme Is One Of Many Herbs That Are Used Frequently In Kitchen . It Has Very Distinctive Aromatic Flavor That Compliments Your Every Food With Its Unique Aromatic Flavor . Thyme Does Add Distinctive Flavor To Your Food It Has Multiple Benefits .
  • Thyme Is A Multipurpose Product . It Can Be Easily Added To Practically Any Dish . Whether It Is Sauce Or A General Cooking , It Adds Taste To Every Food . Make Your Food Special Organic And Vegan . This Thyme Extract Is An Organic Product . It Does Not Contain Any Preservatives Which Makes It Mild And Safe To Use And Has No Side Effects . Made Sure To Deliver The Best Quality .
  • It Adds A Rich Flavour To Your Savoury Foods As Well . Whether It's Meat Or Seafood That Will Add A New Dimension To Your Food . Thyme Has Very Pleasant Aroma That Enhances The Overall Taste Of Your Food . It Is A Multi Purpose Product . Whether It'S Lamb Or Chicken , There Is Thyme Native Has An Aromatic Flavor Can Improve , Especially In A Slow Braise .
  • This Thyme Is A Great Accessory For Your Kitchen As It Helps To Add The Perfect Kick And Spice To Your Everyday Cooking . With This Thyme Every Meal Will Be A Treat To Cook And Eat . Easy To Blend , Doesn’t Require Cooking Or Brewing . Thyme Extract Is Good To Flavor Food . Fat And Oil Soluble To Suit All Dietary Requirements . Can Used As A Substitute Of Natural . - Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .

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