Dried Lavender Flowers Buds ( 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) Lavandula Angustifolia Lamiaceae Provence Cooking Seasoning Spice Spices Herbal Herb Herbs Natural No Additives Non Gmo Halal Kosher أعشاب لافندر حلال

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Brand: BonBalloon


  • Organic Lavender Of Very Fragrant Lavender Flowers And Buds , Super Grade Super Grade Lavender Has a Like Aroma , Hints Of Sweetness And Rosemary And Floral Flavor Of All Lavender Grades . It Has a Rich , Vivid, And Vibrant Color And Contains The Least Amount Of Stems And Leaves . Super Grade Lavender Is Perfect . Natural Product . Super Grade Lavender Quality .
  • Organic Lavender Flowers Splash Of This Flavorful In Dips And Dressing , Soups And Salads , Sides And Entrees . Add This Blend Of Herbs Early On In Cooking And The Scent To Linger It's Distinctive , So You'Ll Find It Enhances a Wide Variety Of Foods .
  • Pure & Premium Product : a Versatile Cooking Ingredient Used In Sweet And Savoury Dishes And As Edible Decoration. Dried Lavender Lends The Dishes In Which You Use It a Delicate Aroma And Notes , All In All It’s Extremely Versatile In Many Types Of Cuisine .
  • A Wide Range Of Meat , Poultry, Fish And Vegetable Dishes Are All Enhanced , But Its Uses Don’t End There. It Brings a Lovely Aromatic Quality To Baked Goods Such As Cookies , Breads And Cakes And Also To Desserts Such As Crème Brûlée , Jellies , Meringues And Sorbet . Lavender Can Be Used As To Make Tea And Other Drinks And It Has Multiple Non Food Applications As a Fragrance For Bedding And In Potpourris , Use As a Natural Air Freshener And In Fragrances .
  • Premium Grade Lavender Buds Offer A Full Aroma That Is Refreshing, Relaxing And Gently Soothing . Fill The Air With An Aromatic Potpourri , Relax Your Body And Mind By Adding A Dose Of Lavender Into Your Day . This Is A Great Item To Give As A Gift , Use In Your Wedding As A Toss , Drawer Sachets , Closets , Car , Beauty Bags , Pillow , Nightstand , Storage Bins , Relaxation During Sleep .
  • Quantity : 1 Pack = 8.82 oz / 250 gm
  • Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .