Egypt El Arosa Green Tea/Mint 100 Tea bags Natural Daily Healthy Drink Tea Cup (Mint Green Tea)

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Brand: El Arosa


  • Egypt El Arosa Green Tea / Mint 100 Tea bags Natural Daily Healthy Drink Tea Cup
  • Drinking green tea is one of the multiple ways to add immediate health benefits to your daily life.
  • So, Al Arosa tea introduces to you a fine mixture of green tea & another enhanced with an aromatic fresh mint for an ultimate relaxing and
  • refreshing experience.
  • If you love to enjoy a cup of tea until you have a sip without disturbing any of the remaining tea residues in the last cup, you should choose the bags of the El Arosa tea to get a cup of pure tea.
  • Enjoy the latest sip, where the tea bags are made according to high technological standards.
  • To immerse the bag in a cup of boiling water will absorb the wonderful taste of tea in the cup and you can enjoy a cup of tea with a wonderful smell until the last sip in it with all the meaning of the word meaning.
  • Not only being the best companion for your breakfast meal or the superior beverage after lunch, Green tea has its own benefits that make it your health best mate.
  • Available with 2 Kinds: *Green tea *Mint Green tea .
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