Isis Natural Hibiscus Flower Tea Bags Organic Natural Dried Roselle Egyptian Herbal Caffeine Free Healthy Egypt Aswani Aswan Chai Hybiscus Decaffeinated Exotic Hibscus Tea's Hibiscous كركديه

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  • Isis Tea's Drinks Hibscus Hibiscous Is Naturally Concentrate Naturales Made From Decaffeinated Petal Will Increase Your Morning Wellness .
  • Nutritious Herb Tea Bags Can Be Used To Make Wonderfully Tropical Wild Exoticas Exotic Juice Fruit Fruitas , Iced Tees Sweetened Hibisco Hisbuscus Hiviscus Will Be Delicious Great Passion Refresher Tasting tea .
  • Delicious as hot tea or iced tea, sweetened with honey or plain.


  • STEEPING INSTRUCTIONS – Hibiscus Tea needs a good boil and a steep of 1-3 minutes for a mild flavor, or 4-5 minutes for added tartness. Cover the cup while it steeps, remove the tea bag, and enjoy!
  • Brewing Suggestions: To Get The Most Out Of Every Cup, Bring Water To Boiling And Steep 7 Minutes. For A Stronger Tea , Use 2 Tea Bags
  • ISIS produces food that is wholesome, nutritious and delicious, from carefully selected raw materials that are free of any artificial additives or preservatives.
  • Té de hibisco Bolsitas de té Bolsas Bolsa Flor en polvo Hojas sueltas Flores de hierbas A granel orgánico suelto Té de roselle Flores de hibisco Hojas de hojas Chai Flor de hierba seca Chia Hisbucus Hibuscus egipcio Tés Hibucus comestibles tradicionales Hierbas Hibicus Alimentos de frutas Jugo Frutas Frutas de hojas sueltas Bebidas Plantas Naturales Orgánicos Rosa Naturales Suplemento Descafeinado Pétalo Calmante Agua Relajarse Efresher Egipto Aswani Aswan Tropical Orgánica Hisbiscus Hisbuscus Comestible Superflower Exoticas Heladas Hibisco Especias calientes ofrías.
  • Raw Cut Sifted También llamado Flor De Jamaica Sorrel Sabdariffa. Acedera El Caribe Pétalos ricos en vitaminas Refresco de pasión Bebidas de té silvestre Concentrado seco Naturalmente Hubiscus Habiscus Hybiscus Rosella Hibisus Hibscus Hibiscous Tees endulzados Delicioso Sorrell Sorel Hiviscus Hibiskus Secado Rosa

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