Isis Organic Bio Allspice Powder Ground Spice Spices Seasoning Natural Premium Herbs Herbal Vegan No Gmo & Food Cooking Mixture Of Flavors Of Clove Cinnamon Nutmeg ( 2 Packs = 2.47 oz / 70 gm ) بهارات

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Brand: Isis


  • Allspice , Also Called Pimento , Is The Dried Unripe Fruit Of The Pimento Dioica Plant . Its Smell Resembles A Mixture Of Clove , Cinnamon And Muscat . Allspice Is Used For Cakes , Soups , Sauces And Meat Dishes . ( 2 Packs = 2.47 oz / 70 gm )
  • It Was Named Allspice Spice Traders Identified It With Mixture Of Flavors Of Clove And Cinnamon, And Nutmeg . Gradually It Spread Throughout The World Because Of Its Unique Flavor As Well As Its Healthy Quality. Normally Berries Are Picked When They’re Ripe And Allowed To Dry In The Sun , Ending Up As The Somewhat Shrunken, Hard Berries Known As Allspice . Later These Are Ground Up Into Spice For Culinary Use .
  • Allspice Which Is Also Called Jamaica Pepper ; Kurundu , Myrtle Pepper , Pimento , Allspice Berries , Or Newspice Is A Spice That Is The Dried Unripe Fruit Of The Pimenta Dioica Plant , Native To The West Indies , Southern Mexico And Central America . It Is An Evergreen Tropical Shrub Belonging To The Myrtaceae Family And In The Genus : Pimento . Allspice Is Sad To Have Discovered By Christopher Columbus In Jamaica During His Second Voyage To The New World During the 17th Century
  • Allspice Is Used As A Spice In Cooking Meats, Vegetables , And In Desserts .Whole Dried Fruit Is Ground To Produce The Allspice Powder Of Commerce . Allspice Liqueur Called “ Pimento Dram ” Is Produced In West Indies . It Is Used In Jerk Seasoning , Mole Sauces ( Homogenous , Thick Sauces For Poultry ) And To Flavor Pickles ; It Is A Vital Ingredient In Commercial Sausages As Well As Curry Powders . Allspice Is Used In Large Quantities By The Commercial Sausage Industry In Germany .
  • It Is Widely Used In All Sorts Of Desserts – Cakes , Confectionary , Cookies Etc . In America And Great Britain . Allspice Powder Is Used In Soups , Stew , Spaghetti , Pot Roast , Meat Loaf , Barbecue Sauce , Catsup , As A Coating For Ham , Salad Dressing Marinade , Cakes , Cookies , Pickles And Pickled Beets , Fruit Pie , Fish , Sweet Potatoes , Squash , Candy , Frosting , And Mincemeat - Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .

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