Isis Organic Bio Salt With Herbs Powder Ground Spice Spices Seasoning Natural Premium Herbs Herbal No Gmo Helps Food Taste Amazing Cooking Intensity Taste Perfect (2Pack = 4.58oz / 130gm) ملح بالأعشاب

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Brand: Isis


  • Isis Organic Bio Salt With Herbs Powder Ground Spices Spice Seasoning Natural Premium Herb Herbs Herbal No Gmo Helps Food Taste Amazing Use In Cooking And Baking Fresh Intensity And Clean Taste Perfect Topping For Foods Table Salt Authentic And Savory Finishing Touch Halal ( 2 Packs = 4.58 oz / 130 gm ) ملح بالأعشاب حلال
  • ISIS Salt With Herbs , Alternative For Straight Or Part Salt , Color Controller , Binder , Texturizer And Fermentation Control Agent , Herbal Culinary Salts , Prolong Freshness , Natural Preservative , Important Aid To Food Hygiene
  • Salt With Herbs Is A Seasoned Salt , Which Can Be Used As An Alternative For Straight Salt Or Part Salt . Herbal Culinary Salts Are A Great Way To Cut Back On Your Salt Intake Without Compromising Flavor In Your Favorite Dishes . When You Are First Blending Your Mixture , Use Approximately Salt To Start Then Taste And Adjust The Amount Of Salt As Desired . Remember : You Cannot Take Salt Out Of The Mix Once You Have Already Added It In, But You Can Add More To Taste !
  • The Flavor Of Sturdy Herbs Is A Seasoned Salt Is Too Strong For Pesto , But It Works Beautifully In A Seasoning Salt . The Mildly Spicy Salt Is Delicious Rubbed Over Big Cuts Of Meat Like Leg Of Lamb Or Thick Steaks , But It ' s Also Terrific Sprinkled On Buttered Bread Or Corn On The Cob . Try It With Butter That ' s Been Mashed With The Garlic Confit .
  • A Balanced Diet Is Rich In Minerals And Vitamins And Many Foods Are Natural Sources Of Sodium . The Percentage Of Salt We Consume From Different Foods Depends On Our Individual Eating Habits But Typically About 20% Of The Salt We Consume Comes From Foods That Naturally Contain Salt . For Thousands Of Years , Salt Has Been Used To Preserve Food And To Improve Taste. - Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .

Package Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.9 x 2.2 inches

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