Lot 4 Eva Smokers Miswak Clove Menthol Fluorine Cleansing Whiten Whitening Tooth Powder

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Brand: Eva


  • Eva Smokers  Set Of 4 Eva Smokers  Whitening Tooth powder a powerful stain remover that helps you to get rid you of nicotine and coffee stained teeth. ( Miswak , Clove , Mint , and Fluoride ). 40g./ 1.7 oz ( Each pack )
  • Removes stains that come from coffee and smoking
  • Cleans your mouth and protects your teeth
  • Makes your teeth whiter
  • Strengthens gums and protects against tooth decay
  • Freshens your mouth and makes it fresher
  • Storage Instructions:
  • Store in a cool dry place, away from strong odors and direct sunlight.
  • Made in Egypt !!!
  • Condition: high quality
  • Made in Egypt !!!
  • Quantity : 4 Packs (40 gm Each ) = (1.4oz)
  • Color: see pictures
  • Manufacture and expiration dates shown on the main packaging are in European format which is DD / MM / YY

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