Loukoumades Dumplings Mix Powder Greek Honey Puffs Donuts Mix For ( Halal ) Sweet Crunchy Arab Arabian Turkish Middle Eastern Sweets ( 7 oz / 200 gm Each Pack ) لقمة القاضي - حلال

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    Weight : 7 oz / 200 gm Each Pack
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  • Sweet Crunchy Dumplings Are An Arabian Staple Amongst The Long List Of Delicious Arabian Sweets
  • Dumpling Is One Of The Popular Sweets In The Arab Countries , And It Is One Of The Types Of Sweets Prepared And Presented Especially In The Blessed Month Of Ramadan Enjoy The Finer Things In Life
  • Dumpling Is A Very Quick And Easy Dessert , Which Can Be Prepared At Home Without Any Trouble , And It Takes The Form of Golden Crisp Balls Of Great Taste , And Dissolves In The Mouth
  • Mix for Dumplings 200g
  • Easy to make
  • Made in Egypt
  • Ingredients Wheat Flour, Sugar, Salt, & May Contain some Milk How To Prepare
  • 1-Empty The Content Of The Package Dumpling Mix In A Bowl.
  • 2- Add 200 ml. ( Cup Of Tea ) Of Warm Water ( About 40 Degrees Celsius ) , Stir Well Until You Attain A Smooth Batter Dough Begins.
  • 3- Cover The Bowl With A Wet Cloth And Let The Batter Cure For 45 Min , Until It Rises . With Two Teaspoon Take A Little Bit Of The Batter At A Time And Make Them Into Small Balls.
  • 4- Dip them in Preheated Oil, Let Them Fry Until They Become Golden Color .
  • 5- Dip The Balls In Hot Sugar Syrup For A Minute Or Two .
  • 6- Sprinkle Some Cinnamon .

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