Marjoram Dried Origanum Majorana 100% Natural Organic Herbal Herb Leaves Leaf Spice Seasoning Egyptian Mediterranean kosher

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  • Enhance Your Culinary Experience With Hearty Spices Herbs Flavor , Bold Taste And Vibrant Aroma Marjoram Leaves Flavor Similar To Oregano . Subtler And Sweeter Than Oregano . Marjoram Spice Has A Bold Aromatic Flavor And Is Similar To Oregano And Basil In Taste . It Can Be Used In A Variety Mediterranean Dishes Such As Sauces And Meat Marinades .
  • Elevates With Mild Yet Floral , Slightly Bitter Undertone . Ideal For Mediterranean And Middle Eastern Seasonings Dishes . Marjoram Leaves Are Carefully Sourced For Quality And Offer A Pleasantly Aromatic Characteristic And Unique Flavor Profile . Marjoram Is An Essential Ingredient In Mediterranean Cuisine . Marjoram Is Also Known As Sweet Marjoram , And Is Used In Recipes Like Sausage Seasoning , Sauces , Stews , Fish Dishes , And Spice Blends .
  • Use dried Marjoram To Add Herbaceous Flavor To Spice Seasonings Or Add To Sauce , Marinades , Soups , Stews And Braises . Guaranteed Fresh and High Quality . A Sweet And Delicate Herbaceous Flavor Best Describes Marjoram . Along With Oregano , Basil And Thyme , These Are The Most Prized Herbs In Mediterranean Cuisine . A Delicate Spice For Enhancing Soups , Sauces , Dressings , Meats , Vegetables And Butters
  • Add Marjoram To Seasonings For All Meats Including Beef , Chicken , Pork , Fish , Seafood And Vegetables . Similar To Basil And Oregano , Great For Stuffing , Soups , Sauces , Salad And Veggies . Marjoram Leaves Are Perfect For Seasoning Beef, Veal & Lamb Entrées , Baked & Broiled Fish , Shellfish Applications , And Vegetable Sides . Accents Meats , Sauces , Eggs , Pizzas & Cream Cheese . ITS Sweet , Minty Flavor Resembles Oregano And Basil , And Is Well Suited For Poultry ,
  • 100% Organic Natural Kosher , Gluten Free , Non-GMO, Non-Irradiated , No Artificial Flavors , Fish , Stuffing And Tomato Dishes
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