Nabulsi Nablus Green Olive Oil & Laurel Soap Glycerin Cold Pressed 100% Natural Organic Pure Egyptian Traditional Moisturizing Cleanser Handmade All Skin Face Body Hair Types Chemical Free Vegan

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Brand: Nabulsi Shaheen


  • 100% Natural Green Olive Oil Nablus Soap
  • Soap Helps To Regenerate Skin Cells And Fight Wrinkles And Protect The Skin From The Emergence Of The Early Signs Of Aging And In Order To Contain Olive Oil.
  • Use Soap Nabulsi Shaheen Regularly Makes The Skin Soft And Pure And Free From Grain
  • Also Helps To Unify The Color Of The Skin And Lighten Dark Spots On The Face And Body.
  • Defeat The Problems Of Dry Scalp And Finesse Peels.
  • Suitable For Use To Remove Make - Up Without Causing The Sensitivity Of The Face And Eyes.
  • Ways To Use Nabulsi Soap:
  • Washing Hair :
  • You Can Use Soap Nabulsi Shahin To Wash Your Hair Instead Of Shampoo. Pour Some Warm Water On Your Hair To Thblalh Then Put Soap Under Water For A Few Seconds And Then Motor Between Your Hands To Start Foaming At The Formation And Then Used Your Fingers To Distribute The Foam On Your Scalp And Hair With Gently Massage And Return The Ball To Add Foam By Whether You Need And Rinse Hair Thoroughly He Then Re-Water Wash Your Hair With Soap Again And Then My Little Later Balsam Hair On The Outskirts Your Hair With A Move Away From The Roots And Scalp And Rinse Well After A Minute. Try It And You Will Never Forget It.
  • *Body Wash :
  • Wash Your Body Skin While Bathing Soap Nabulsi Shahin Olive Oil And Involving A Sponge For The Body Glove Bathtub. Pour Warm Soapy Water And Lofah Together And Then Rubbing With Loofah Soap Until Seek Consists Foam And Help Loofah To Clean Your Body By Scrubs And Then Rinse Your Body With Warm Water And Do Not Use Hot Water Because It Causes The Body Skin Dryness.
  • *Facial Wash :
  • Nationalistic Bthblal And Your Face With Warm Water And Pour Some Water And Soap Guide Your Hands To Get Foam, Then Wash Your Face And Rinse And Nationalist Drying It With A Towel.
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  • Weight : 2.11 oz / 60 gm Each pack
  • Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY