Organic Herbal Garden Cress Lepidium Sativum Halim Chandrasur Chandrashoor Cresson De Fontaine For Health & Agriculture حب الرشاد

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  • Halim , Chandrashoor, Asalu Halim [ Garden Cress Aka Aliv ] – Garden Cress Are Very High In Iron And Folic Acid Content. Garden Cress Also Contain Calcium, Ascorbic Acid, Tocopherol, And Beta-Carotene. Garden Cress Are Loaded With Not Just Protein, But Also Linoleic And Fatty Acids.
  • Garden Cress Is An Important Source Of Iron, Folic Acid , Calcium, Vitamins c , e And a . Because Of Its High Iron And Protein Content, It Is Often Given Post-Partum To Lactating Mothers. · This Contains Arachidic And Linoleic Fatty Acids. · This Are High In Calories And Protein,
  • Garden Cress Are Good Expectorants And When Chewed They Treat Sore Throat , Cough , Asthma And Headache.
  • Uses · Garden Cress Is Added To Soups, Sandwiches And Salads For Its Tangy Flavor. ·
  • It Is Also Eaten As Sprouts, And The Fresh Or Dried Pods Can Be Used As a Peppery Seasoning ·
  • In England Cut Cress Shoots Are Typically Used In Sandwiches With Boiled Eggs, Mayonnaise And Salt · Kheer Made Of Garden Cress Increases Milk Production And Secretion In Lactating Mothers.
  • How To Store If Stored In Plastic, It Can Last Up To Five Days In a Refrigerator.
  • To Prolong The Life Of Cress, Place The Stems In a Glass Container With Water And Cover Them, Refrigerating The Cress Until It Is Needed.
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  • Health Benefits ·
  • How To Eat:
  • 1- Soak The Garden Cress In Enough Water For 30 Minutes Or Till They Swell Up And Use As Per The Recipe
  • 2-. Roasted Slightly With Added Salt.
  • 3-. Soaked In Water Then Added To Milk Or Juice.
  • 4-.Chikki Or Laddoo Can Be Made. ( Preparation Simil )

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