Pure Bitter Almond Oil Organic Extra Virgin Natural Pressed Remove Wrinkles Purify Skin Use for Hair Care Moisturizing Skin Care Health Massage Anti Aging Facial Wrinkle Nourish Body Vegan

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        • This oil is extracted from the fruits of the bitter almond tree, and the original home of the tree is the western regions of Asia and North Africa
        • Bitter almond oil benefits
        • Bitter almond oil increases the freshness of the skin
        • Massaging the skin into the skin before bedtime with almond oil is one of the things that gives you restoring the freshness and smoothness of your skin
        • Helps clean the skin of dirt
        • The bitter almond oil is very useful in getting rid of dark circles around your eyes once and for all
        • Benefits of bitter almond oil for hair
        • Strengthen hair and protect it from split ends and breakage
        • . Treating hair loss and giving hair shine, vitality and structure
        • . Reconstruction of chemically damaged dyed hair
        • . Moisturizing the scalp and increasing its growth
        • .Protect hair from sunlight
        • How to use bitter almond oil for hair
        • The first way to use bitter almond oil for hair:
        • - Put the bitter almond oil directly on the hair, after placing a small amount on the head and start massaging the hair to increase its luster and softness.
        • Take good care of the ends of the hair, massage them with bitter almond oil, and leave it on the hair after styling.
        • The second way to use bitter almond oil for hair:
        • Heat almond oil, for hair, for hair, coconut oil, or coconut oil, or coconut oil, or coconut oil, or coconut oil, and avocado puree can also be added.
        • Massage it into the scalp and hair and leave it for 1/2 hour.
        • How to use for the skin
          Added in equal proportions with oil (lupine oil and jojoba oil)
          Then apply twice to the skin
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