Pure & Organic Cacao Powder Ground Raw Natural Dried Fresh ( 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) Herbal Herb Herbs Seasoning Spice Spices Seasoning Tea Chocolate No Additives No Preservatives Halal كاكاو مطحون

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    • Item Description : 100% Pure & Organic Cacao Whole Powder Ground Dried Raw Natural Fresh Herbal Herb Herbs Seasoning Spice Spices Tea Chocolate Super Food Seasoning Premium Vegan Non Gmo No Additives No Preservatives Gluten Free Halal ( 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) كاكاو مطحون حلال
    • Deliciously Rich Bold Chocolate Taste With No Added Sugar . Simply Swap 1 For Regular , Unsweetened Cocoa Powder In Smoothies , Shakes , Hot Chocolate , Brownies , Keto And Paleo Treats And More !
    • Blend , Bake , Or Shake Kick Cocoa To The Curb And Try Cooking And Baking With Our Organic Cacao Powder . Mix Into Baked Goods Like Bread , Pancakes , Waffles , Cakes And Cookies To Add A Great Chocolatey . You Can Also Blend It Into Breakfast Smoothies And Other Tasty Drinks . Great For Men And Women Who Are Chocolate Lovers .
    • Cocoa Can Also Be Added To Some Foods And Juices, And Raw Cocoa Can Be Used In Some Desserts . It's Best To Drink Sugar Free Juices To Supplement The Nutritional Value Or Add Cocoa To Dairy Products Until The Ingredients Are Appropriate 
    • Raw Cocoa Has Many Benefits As It Is Very Beneficial . It Can Be Added To Fruit Smoothies Or Used In A Variety Of Recipes . When Consuming Any Cocoa Product , You Must Drink Plenty Of Water To Take Advantage Of The Cocoa Value .
    • Cacao Smoothie Is Whole Food Based , Delicious And The Perfect On A Weekend . Smoothies Are A Staple In My House . They’re Easy To Whip Up And A Great Way To Take In A Ton Of Nutrients At Once .
    • Cacao Powder Is Made From Naturally Fermented And Cold Pressed Fair Trade Cacao Beans Rich In Nutrients ! Treasured As The " Food Of The Gods " During The Mayan Empire , Cacao Is One Of Nature's Most Powerful And Nutritionally Complex Superfoods .
    • Quantity : 1 Pack = 8.82 oz / 250 gm
    • Our Cacao Nibs Are Easy To Eat On Their Own Or Blended With Smoothies, Shakes, Coffee And Tea . Try The Nibs With Ice Cream And Desserts .