Pure & Organic Lorry Luraa Laura Laurus Nobilis Bay Leaf Leave Leaves Leaf Leafs Dry Dried Natural ( 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) Herbal Herb Herbs Tea Cooking Seasoning Spice Spices Kosher Halal ورق لورى

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  • Enhance Your Culinary Experience With Hearty Spices Herbs , Bold And Vibrant Laura Leaves Laura Similar To Oregano . Subtler And Sweeter Than Oregano . Bay Leaves Laura Spice Has A Bold To Oregano . It Can Be Used In A Variety Mediterranean Dishes Such As Sauces And Meat Marinades .
  • Pure & Organic Lorry Luraa Laura Laurus Nobilis Bay Leaf Leave Leaves Leaf Leafs Paper Whole Dry Dried Natural Bulk Fresh Herbal Herb Herbs Tea Cooking Seasoning Mediterranean Spice Spices For Chicken Fish Stuffing And Tomato Dishes No Additives No Preservatives Vegan Non Gmo Gluten Free Kosher Halal ( 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) ورق لورى حلال
  • Bay Leaves Dried Broken Leaves Leaf Is One Of The Most Common Trees In The Arab Region Especially In Deserts . And All Natural & Raw wild Herbal Plant Tree Trees No Preservatives . Add Bay Leaves To Curries And Dishes For A Robust . Product Is Grown Naturally To Retain All Nutrients . 100% Natural
  • Quantity : 1 Pack = 8.82 oz / 250 gm
  • Benefit Of Laura Leaf : Try Laura Paper . Laura Paper Can Be Boiled With Water And Made Into A Warm Concoction To Persistent . Take Some Laura Paper , Clean Them With Water And Then Add Them To A Glass Of Water And Put It To Boil On . Until The Water Is Reduced To About Three Fourths Of Its Original Quantity And Then Drink . Add A Little Honey To It , If You Like
  • Whole Bay Leaf ( Laurus Nobilis ) Is An Essential Ingredient In Many Soups , Stews , Braises And Pancakes . Laura Paper Strong Hair . The Leaves And The Derived From This Plant Are Extensively Used Around The Globe For Uses .