Pure & Organic Rosemary Rosmarinus Leave Leaves Leaf Leafs Natural Dried ( 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) Fresh Natural Herbal Herb Herbs Seasoning Spice Spices Cooking & Tea Non Gmo Kosher Halal ورق روزمارى

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  • In Cooking Rosemary Is Used As A Seasoning In A Variety Of Dishes , Such As Soups , Salads , And Stews . Use Rosemary With Chicken , Game , Lamb , Steaks , And Fish . It Also Goes Well With Grains , Onions , Peas , And Spinach . Rosemary Tea Is A Warming And Delicious Tea That You Can Make With Just Two Simple Ingredients , it Are Water And Rosemary. Boil Some Water In A Saucepan On The Stove . Place A Sprig Of Fresh Rosemary Into A Teapot And Fill The Pot With Boiling Water
  • Rosemary , One Of The Most Popular In The World, Gives Every Meal A Fantastic . Either You Use It For Fish , Meat Or Vegetables . It Always Gives The Unforgeable Greatness To It .

    Rosemary Is A Evergreen Herb Native To The Mediterranean . It Is Used As A Culinary Condiment .

  • Rosemary - Pungent , Herbaceous , Fresh Rosemary Leaves ( Rosmarinus Officinalis ) Are A Great Addition To Your Recipes . Our Rosemary Has An Earthy With Pine Like Notes , Perfect For Chicken , Pork And Salmon . Use This Herb To Enhance Your Roasted Potatoes And Stuffings , Too .
  • Rosemary Is A Popular Herb That Originated In The Mediterranean , And That ’ s Often Used In Italian And French Cuisine. The Herb Is Spicy And Warm , And Is Often Paired With Rich Meats Like Lamb , With Sour Lemons , And Even With Sweet Dishes .
  • Full Sprigs Of Rosemary Are Great For Finishing , Garnishing Dishes . You Can Either Add The Sprigs After Cooking To Finish A Dish , Or You Can Cook Roasts , Soups , And Other Meals With Full Sprigs Of Rosemary . Like Bay Leaves , Rosemary Sprigs That Are Cooked With Foods Are Typically Removed Before Serving . Some Of The Most Common Rosemary Pairings Include . Fresh Rosemary Bread 
  • Quantity : 1 Pack = 8.82 oz / 250 gm