Pure & Organic Thyme Za'atar Zaatar Zatar Zahtar Leave Leaves Leaf Leafs Dry Dried Natural ( 8.82 oz / 250 gm) Herbal Herb Herbs Seasoning Spice Spices Cooking No Additives Vegan Kosher Halal زعتر

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    • Item Description : 100 % Pure & Organic Za'atar Zaatar Zatar Zahtar Zahatar Thymus Thyme Leave Leaves Leaf Leafs Dry Dried Fresh Natural Herbal Herb Herbs Seasoning Spice Spices Cooking Veggies Vegan No Additives No Preservatives Halal Kosher ( 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) ورق زعتر مجفف حلال
    • Za'atar Sprinkle On Salads , Eggs And Popcorn . Roast As A Dry Rub On Meat , Chickpeas , Or Veggies . Dip With Pita Bread And A Mix Of Olive Oil .Try On Breakfast Foods , Garnish Dishes Or Snacks , Dips Or Olive Oil . Taste Great On Everything Bake With Freshly Baked Breads Or Pizza .
    • Za'atar Is A Spice Blend Popular Throughout The Middle East . Although Each Country Has Their Own Blend , Great For Every Dish .
    • The Herb Or Spice Which It Herbal With Woodsy And Deep Nutty Accent . It Is Used To Enhance The Vegetables , Meats And Is Also Combined .
    • It Is Quite Popular In The Middle East And Other Parts Of The World. It Is Widely Used In Salads And Also As Seasonings In Vegetables And Meat .Free Seasoning Add Vibrant To Grilled Meats , Chicken , Rice , Pilafs, Soups , And Any Arabian Recipes .
    • Quantity : 1 Pack = 8.82 oz / 250 gm