Rose Oil Cold Pressed Multi Use Anti Aging Face Body Hair Skin Therapy Organic Moisturizer For Dry Skin Scalp And Nails Rose Petals Pure & Natural Aromatherapy Diffuser , Relaxation Men & Women

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  • This Pure Natural Organic Multi-Use Oil Can Be Used On Your Full Body , Hair Treatment , Face , Hands And Nails Softens Wrinkles And Fine Lines , Restores Elasticity . This Oil Delivers Firming , Smoothing And Brightening Effects. Improving The Appearance Of Uneven Skin Tones , Dry And Aging Skin . Stimulates And Soothes Your Entire Body. Safe And Gentle Enough For All Skin Types .
  • Proven To Moisturize , Nourish And Soothe Skin , Strengthens Skin Cells While Moisturizing And Promoting The Skin's Natural Elasticity All While Acting As A Natural Anti-Aging Nutrient Within Your Body That Help To Reverse The Signs Of Aging And Wrinkles Giving Your Skin A Glowing Look.
  • Premium Soothing Aroma Quality Rose Oil ( Rosa Damascena ) Obtained Of Fresh Rose Petals Add A Few Drops To Your Diffuser, Shower, Or Bath For An Incredible Aromatherapy Experience. Natural, With No Adulterants Or Dilution. You Can Use Few Drops Of Rose Oil In Hot Bath. Perfect For Scent For Home, Office Or Studio , Helps To Calm Down And Improve Mood.
  • Suitable For Nourishing Dry And Oily As Well As Sensitive Skin . Various Masks , Conditioners And Hair Shampoos Enrich Roses With Oils . In Your Usual Care Product You Need To Add Only A Few Drops . 
  • Multi Usage - Including Slime Making, Perfumes, Air Fresheners, Home Made Lotions, Cleaning Products, Aromatherapy, Soap Making, Candle Making , Bath Bombs , Potpourri, Reed Diffusers, Aromatherapy Oil for Diffuser, Perfumes , Massage, Skin Care, Soaps, Candles
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