Samara Gum Dry Arabic Egypt Egyptian Traditional Chewing Leban Gums Frankincense Resin Premium Natural Gum Sugar Free No Taste Turkish Mastic Wax Sugarless Vegan Dry Mouth

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Brand: BonBalloon

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  • It Helps A Lot In Getting Rid Of Bad Breath . It Also Helps In Cleaning The Mouth From Food Remains That Stuck To The Teeth Because Of Its Properties As Teeth Tooth Cleaner .
  • Ingredients : Natural Gum , Beeswax , Mastic.
  • This Sugar Free & Tasteless Taste Less , Chewing Gum Has A Fresh Natural Taste To Revive Your Taste Buds . It Helps Dry Mouths
  • Naturally Pure: Helps Get The Saliva Going .
  • Made With High Quality Ingredients Without Compromising Taste .
  • Simple Substitutions & Healthy Alternatives To Regular Gum . No Artificial Sweeteners Or Flavors .
  • 100% Pure Natural Contains No Artificial Color Or Preservatives
  • For Everyone : Pure Vegan Gum That Helps Reduce Stains Build Up . Does Not Contain Sugar .
  • We Make A Natural And Healthy Gum That Has No Preservatives , Artificial Flavorings , Coloring , Sweeteners 
  • Egypt Made
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  • Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .