Set 4 Brass Copper Pot Ibrik Briki Turkish Greek Coffee Maker Jazva Cezve Jezve Turka Ararat Arabic Arabian Arabic With Wooden Handle Hand Hammered Handmade Egypt Egyptian Decanter

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Color: Gold


  • Item Description : Professionally Handmade Set Of 4 Sizes Of Brass Pot Ibrik.
  • ( With Removable Wooden Hands ) Now You Can Taste The Real Turkish Coffee
  • This Sale Includes : This Set Of 4 Brass Turkish Coffee Pots Consists Of Sizes
  • <
  • One Piece Of Demitasse Cups Capacity (Approx 4 oz.)
  • One Piece Of Demitasse Cups Capacity (Approx 6 oz )
  • One Piece Of Demitasse Cups Capacity (Approx 8 oz )
  • One Piece Of Demitasse Cups Capacity (Approx 10 oz.)
  • Handcrafted In Egypt!!! Our Items Are 100% Handmade By Highly Skillful Craftsmen In Egypt!!
  • This Is One Gorgeous Piece!!!! This Handmade Coffee Burner Will Add A Great Antique Look To Your Corner
  • A Great Find For The Egyptian Treasure Collector
  • Important Notice : The Color And Design Of The Wooden Hands Is Usually Changeable We Cant Make Sure That You Will Get Identical Color And Design As Pictures Shown In The Listing But In Case Of Changing You Will Get One Of Those Shown In The Picture Bellow.
  • In Case Of Buying Complete Set , You Will Receive Of Course The Whole Set With One Design And One Color .
  • Condition: 100% New
  • Quantity : 4 Pcs
  • Color : Gold Tone
  • Weight (Approx.) : 450 gm =15.87oz
  • Material: Solid Brass
  • Size (Approx.) :
  • Used To Make Turkish Arabian Coffee (Without Electricity) With Such Real Solid Hard Brass This Burner Will Last For Years And Years
  • The Ideal Way To Make Thick Turkish Coffee Foam Amazing Detail And Craftsmanship.
  • Will Definitely Add A Decorative Look To Your Corner.
  • Can Be Used Anywhere Any Time No Need To Electric Source (Camping -Home) .

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