Shawarma Spice Mix Seasoning Blend Powder Chicken Lamb Meat Poultry Taste Baharat Middle East Eastern Arab Arabian Gulf Cuisine Herb Herbs Halal خلطة الشاورما

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Brand: Knorr


  • Knorr Shawarma Spices :  Each Pack 1.055 oz / 30 gm . Shawerma Seasonings Season Is Used For Everyday Cooking To Give Magnificent Flavor To Chicken , Lamb , Meat , Beef , Poultry , Vegetables Even Better Than The Popular Street Food ! Ideal For All Foods Meats And Poultry To Give Your Dishes That Authentic Middle Eastern Mediterranean Deep Exotic Flavors . All Purpose Seasoning , Easy To Use
  • Shawerma Seasons Spice Mix Is A Blend Of Herbs & Spices To Make A Traditional Gulf Arabian Middle Eastern Arab Lebanese Cuisine Dish . Shawarma Is Enjoyed Over Arab Middle East & Mediterranean Region . Middle Eastern Egyptian Turkish Cuisine Is Healthy & Nutritious & Are Purist In Culinary Taste.Their Dishes Bring Out The Flavor Of Main Spicing Flavor Ingredient Rather Than Hiding It Behind Sauces . No Additional Ingredients Required Besides The Meat
  • Shwarma Spice Blend Is Perfectly Blended Is A Quick Way To Prepare Aromatic Shawarma .This Spice Mixture Is All You Need To Prepare The Famous Arabian Schawarma Chicken Wraps That Transforms Your Dish Into A Mouthwatering Masterpiece . You Can Also Use The Blend Powder On Salads . It Makes Grilled Vegetables Shine When Mixed With A Little Bit Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil .
  • Perfect For Beginner Or Seasoned Chef , Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans , No Artificial Flavors , Colors Or Preservatives , No Additives, No Fillers You Can Mix With Olive Oil To Make A Paste And Use As A Rub For Chicken , Beef Or Lamb , Also You Can Add It To Base Of Soups Or Stews For Middle Eastern Flavor . Product of Egypt - Halal
  • Weight : 1.055 oz / 30 gm Each Pack 
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  • Ingredients:
  • Dehydrated Vegetables (Garlic Onions) - Dehydrated Spices - (Black Pepper - Paprika - Coriander - Ginger - Thyme) - Salt - Vegetable Fat - (Palm Oil - Lactose - Protein - Milk) - Maltodextrin - Yeast Extract - Sugar
  •  Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY


 How to prepare

  • - Mix The Ingredients Of The Shawarma Bottle Together 3 Tablespoons Of Sunflower Oil In A Bowl
  • - Add The Sliced Chicken Strips & Stir Well . Cover The Bowl & Leave Well In A Bowl To Season In The Refrigerator For 15 Minutes.
  • - On High Heat , Roast The Chicken In A Teflon Skillet Without Adding Oil , Turn Off The Fire , Then Add Onion Slices , Peppers And Tomatoes To The Pan , Then Stir Well , Then Set Aside For 5 Minutes.
  •  Heat The Bread On Low Heat , Then Add To It A Thin Dish Of Garlic Add Chicken Slices , Vegetables & Pickled Cucumber To The Bread In The Form Of Wrapped Sandwiches

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