Wholesale Seder Sidr Leaves Leaf Powder Moisturizing For The Skin Hair Care Body ( Lote Tree Jujube Ziziphus Spina Christi Christ Golchin Lotus ) Organic Herbs

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  • Sidr Is One Of The Most Common Trees In The Arab Region Especially In Deserts . Its Fruits And Leaves Contain Many Minerals , Salts And Vitamins Necessary For Human Health.
  • Sidr Powder Is Ideal For Washing Your Hair Naturally . It Helps To Fix The Color And Prevents It From Disgorging . The Benefits Of Sidr For Hair Reinforce The Hair Of Its Roots And Offer A Healthy And Vibrant Appearance . Provides Hair With Softness And Luster . Repair Damaged Hair , And Treat It From The Bomb . Cleanse The Hair And Skin And The Smell Is As Good As The Wet Grass
  • It Makes The Hair Soft , Without Necessarily Using A Conditioner Or Hair Mask . Sidr Care Powder Works On All Types Of Hair . Washing The Hair With This Powder Then Leave A Mask On Wet Hair Helps Promote Hair Growth . This Powder Is Used As A Mask For Hair Or Shampoo , Gives Delicate Wash To Your Hair . Excellent Moisturizing And Conditioning Agent . Adds Volume To Hair . Retains Hair Color . Refreshes The Skin
  • How Do You Use Sidr Hair Powder ? Add 1 Tbsp Of Powdered Sidr Leaves To 1 Cup Of Warm Water , Mix Until It Likes Soap , Then Apply The Mixture To The Hair And Covered With A Plastic Lid , Leave It For 20-40 minutes , Then Wash And Rinse Out Completely Until It Clean . A Day After Washing The Hair With Sidr Leaves Your Hair Will Have More Volume And Shiny
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  • No Fertilizers, No Chemicals, No Preservatives, All natural & Raw wild Herbal Sidr Plant Tree Trees

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