Zucchini Squash Cucumber Corer Vegetable Corers Drill Stainless Steel Core Remover Coring Tool Kitchen Stuffed Vegetables Veggies Seed Remover Tools Remove Seeds Eggplant 10" Long Gadgets

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Brand: BonBalloon


  • THIS MAGIC CORER REMOVER kitchen tool can easily remove vegetable vegi core to make wonderful stuffed vegetables dishes. This effortlessly hand coring drill quickly removes core and perfect tool for coring and core remover for seeds from long hard vegetable like zucchini eggplant squash cucumbers potato carrots and various other fruits and vegetables
  • Quantity : Chose your Quantity
  • Color : Random colors 
  • Total Length: Approx. 10" / 22.5c m Each One
  • Handle length : 4.5’/11.5 cm  Each One
  • Diameter of the core : Approx. 0.6" / 1.5 cm Each One
  • HOW TO USE : Simply insert and push while you are twisting the corer till you reach the desired depth of the greenery and then pull to take out the blade with the greenery!! The core neatly twists around the prong in spiral form, making it easy to remove which creates uniform hollow space.
  • EASY AND COMFORTABLE : This core remover comes with non-slip food grade pp hard plastic ergonomic grip handle for easy core removal . Prevents hand fatigue & cramping by convenient easy handling control and stronger grip .
  • MADE OF HIGH QUALITY : Durable quality long stainless steel with sharp coring serrated blade . Easy to clean dishwasher safe or use water and soap. Durable stay for years .will not break, bend, rust or tarnish, stain, or discolor


  • These corers for kitchen & home tools and cooking accessories gadgets that will speed up food preparation. This veggie vegetable corer remover tool can easily cores many Veggies zucchinis potatoes remove cucumber deseeder seeder seed zukini eggplants carrots easier, faster and more precise .
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