100% Pure & Natural Pumpkin Kernel Oil ( 16.90 oz / 500 ml ) Cold Pressed Elhawag El Hawag Al Hawaj Organic Concentrated Crude Unrefined Essential For Body Health Skin Hair Non Gmo زيت لب قرع

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  • - 100% Pure & Natural Cold Pressed El Hawaj El Hawaj Pumpkin Kernel Oil ( 16.90 oz / 500 ml ) Raw Organic Concentrated Unrefined Essential for Healthy Body, Skin & Hair Non-GMO Halal El Hawaj Pumpkin Kernel Oil is Halal (Oil shipped in a plastic package)
  •   - Pumpkin pulp oil increases the vitality and intelligence of the individual, thanks to its richness in the stimulant of the brain, as this substance stimulates the work of the brain, and helps the growth of the convolutions that form the brain. Pumpkin kernel oil provides high protection for the body
  •  Pumpkin kernel oil is beneficial for the body by placing a teaspoon on any warm drink or white honey syrup. Or a spoonful of honey with half a cup of water and half a stick of pumpkin kernel oil
  •  Pumpkin Kernel Oil 100% pure grade essential oil brings you nature's finest extracts because we choose the locations where these plants have been harvested for hundreds of years.
  • We choose only trusted growers to ensure the highest quality of all natural oils.
  •  Then we use only the best parts of the plant to extract the oil.
  •  All this leads to high-quality oils.
  • We are committed to sourcing 100% natural vegetable oils of the highest quality.
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  •     - Manufacture and expiration dates shown on the main packaging are in European format which is DD / MM / YY.
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