bonballoon 100 percent Pure & Organic Senna Pods Salamka ِAlexandria Natural Dry Dried Herbal Herb Herbs Soaked Tea Spice Spices No Additives Preservatives Halal ( 8.82 oz 250 gm ) سنامكى قرن حلال

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  • The Salamka Herb Has Been Used For Thousands Of Years And The Senna Herb Grows In Harsh And Arid Lands . The Arabian Peninsula Is Its Home Next To Some Countries Such As Egypt , India And Africa . It Is Considered One Of The Most Important Herbs In Terms Of Frequent Use , As It Is Considered A Basic Herb .
  • How To Use : You Can Take Some Pods Of The Senna, Not More Than 10 Grams, And Beat It Softly, And Eat And Drink With A Cup Of Water. You Can Take A Handful Of Pods , For Example, 30 Grams, And Boil Them In Hot Water For A Quarter Of An Hour . Drain Well , Leave To Cool , And Drink . You Can Also Soak The Senna Pods With Water At Night For The Morning And Drink The Extract To Soak .
  • The Salamaki Herb Is One Of The Perennial Folate Herbs With An Unpalatable Taste , So Most People Combine It With Other Herbs That Have A Pleasant Taste , Such As Ginger , Cardamom, Or Mint , To Get The Desired Benefits From Them .
  • As Salamaka Grows In The Form Of Not Exceeding A Meter In Length And Is Characterized By Its Attractive Yellow Colored , Petals And Pods Branching From Them, And The Al Senamaki Is Characterized By Small, Curved, Feathery And Oval Shaped Pods And Its Fruits Are In The Shape Of Horns . Its Upper Parts Are Harvested And Dried , Then Crushed
  • Culinary Usages - The Pod , Which Is Actually A Legume , Is Sometimes Used In Cooking In Its Native Region . Elsewhere , Whole Senna Pods Are Typically Used To Produce , Teas . Decorative Usages - Add To Potpourri Blends And Use For Art And Craft Projects.

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