Dabur Miswak Sewak Meswak Siwak Natural Herbal Islamic Toothpaste

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Brand: Dabur


  • Dabur Miswak Miswak Miswak Siwak is a natural herbal Islamic toothpaste
      Benefits of miswak paste:
    • (1) Eliminates unpleasant odors and improves the sense of taste.
    • (3) Miswak prevents tooth decay.
    • (4) The toothpick creates an odor in the mouth.
    • (5) Miswak strengthens the gums.
    • (6) It prevents the increase in caries that has already been proven in the teeth.
    • (7) Miswak strengthens the gums.
    • (9) Miswak causes teeth to be cleaned and brightened.
    • (10) Removes yellowing of the teeth
    •   Weight (approx): 120gm  = ( 4.23 ounces) the size of one piece
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