Morspice Dry Mix Falafel Spicy Quick Prepare Mediterranean Style Instant Chili Spice Spices Hot Natural Herbal Herb Herbs ( 1 Pack = 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) No Preservatives Vegan Non Gmo Kosher Halal فلافل حار سريعة التحضير

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Brand: Morspice


  • How To Prepare :
  • 1- Add One Cup Of Water Gradually To One Cup Of Morespice Falafel Mix And Stir Well Until It Becomes a Dough .
  • 2- Let The Mixture Rest For 10 Minutes .
  • 3- Cut The Dough Into Equal-Sized Balls .
  • 4- Fry The Falafel Balls In Oil Or Cook In The Oven .
  • 5- Drain Well From The Oil And It Is Ready To Serve .
  • Ingredients : Ground Fava Beans , Leek , Onion , Salt , Garlic , Spices , Sesame , Chili , Parsley , Coriander .
  • Healthy Diet Reasons To Include Morspice Falafel In Your Diet :
  • 100% Natural : The Careful Selection Of Only The Best Ingredients Enable Us To Offer Morspice Falafel Entirely Free Of Any Additives , Colorants Or Preservatives . This Means Only 100% Natural Ingredients That You Would Find In Your Own Kitchen When Cooking a Meal . What Makes Morspice Falafel Unique Is That It Is a Healthy Convenience Product .
  • 100% Vegan , Gluten Free & Lactose Free : A Plant Based Diet , Rich In Vitamins And Fibres Is The Healthiest Choice For Our Wellbeing .
  • 100% Plant Based Protein : Chickpeas And Fava Beans Are The Main Ingredients Of Morspice Falafel . Plants Provide An Excellent Source Of Protein And Are Far Healthier Than Their Animal Counterparts . More Nutrients Packed In Fewer Calories Help Us Stay Fit And In Shape .
  • 100% Easy And Superfast : Sometimes We’Re Busy With Little Time Or Energy To Cook a Healthy Meal . Prepare a Healthy And Hearty Falafel Dish In No Time! Morspice Falafel Is An Oriental Delicacy Crafted With An Authentic Blend Of Ingredients Ready To Serve Within Minutes . This Makes It An Ideal Alternative For Both , Unhealthy Fast Food And Time Consuming Kitchen Work .
  • 100% Easy Storage : Morspice’s Dry Falafel Mix Is Easily Stored In Your Kitchen Cupboard . The Dehydrated Plant Ingredients Provide 18 Months Of Shelf Life Without Any Preservatives , Making It Handy Anytime You Crave a Hearty Snack .
  • 100% Safe : Since Staying Home Is Highly Encouraged And Recommended In Such Times , We Have Decided To Help Everyone At Home By Launching Morspice Falafel Mix . Our Falafel Is All Natural , Healthy , A Great Source Of Plant-Based Protein , Quick And Easy To Prepare .
  • Quantity : ( 1 Pack = 8.82 oz / 250 gm ) - Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .