Pure & Organic Dill Ground dried dill ( 17.64 oz / 500 gm ) Anethum Graveolens Dried Natural Herbal Herb Herbs Cooking Seasoning Spice Spices No Additives Non Gmo Kosher Halal شبت مجفف حلال

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  • It's Popular In Scandinavia And Eastern Europe And Very Commonly Used In Mediterranean , Persian And Some Southeast Asian Cuisines . Dill Weed Is A Popular Herb That Gives Dishes A Bright , Dill Is Grown Widely In Eur & Asia Where Its Leaves And Seeds Are Used As A Herb Or Spice For Food .
  • Dill Is Rich In A Variety Of Plant That May Have Numerous Benefits , Dill Is A Versatile Herb That Can Be Used In A Variety Of Dishes , Such As In A Potato Salad , Tzatziki Sauce , Or Over Fish .
  • 100% Pure & Organic Dill Weed Ground  dried dill Anethum Graveolens Dried Natural Fresh Herbal Herb Herbs Cooking Seasoning Spice Spices No Additives No Preservatives Non Gmo Kosher Halal ( 17.64 oz / 500 gm ) شبت مجفف حلال
  • The Dill Plant Has Been Cultivated And Has Now Become An Essential Ingredient In Many Dishes Worldwide . Dill Weed Refers To The Dried Green Leaves Of The Plant . This Ancient Herb Has A Pleasant Color And Enhances Of Many Foods . Dill As Herb And Spice , Dill Is Commonly Used To Elevate Of Various Dishes . It’s Often Paired With Salmon , Potatoes And Yogurt Based Sauces .
  • Best Uses : Is This Herb Diverse , Salads , Dressings , Sandwich Spreads , Shrimp , Salmon , Whitefish And Tuna , Egg Dishes , Roasted Veggies . Yogurt And Sour Cream Based Dips , Creamy Chicken Pasta . Everything Potato ( Baked , Salad , Soup ) Herb Bread , Snack Mixes , And Heck Yes , Popcorn .
  • Dill Weed It Enhances Food And Drinks , It Pairs Well With Seafood And Fish , Especially Salmon . It Can Also Be Used For Meats , Poultry , Vegetables , Salads , Soups .

  • Quantity : 1 Pack = 17.64 oz / 500 gm