Pure & Organic Onion Ground Powder Dried Natural ( 17.64 oz / 500 gm ) Allium Cepa Onions Herbal Herb Herbs Seasoning Spice Spices Kitchen Cooking No Additives Non Gmo Kosher Halal بصل مطحون

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    • Item Description : 100 % Pure & Organic Onion Ground Powder Dried Dry Allium Cepa White Granules Vegetable Raw Natural Fresh Onions Herbal Herb Herbs Seasoning Spice Spices Kitchen Cooking No Additives No Preservatives Non Gmo Kosher Halal ( 17.64 oz / 500 gm ) بصل مطحون حلال
    • Onions Ground Are Members Of The Allium Genus Of Flowering Plants That Also Includes Garlic , Shallots , Leeks And Chives . Properties Of Onions Have Been Recognized Since Ancient Times , Onions Ground Is Used In Many Recipes .
    • The Onions Ground Is Simply Delicious . It Forms The Basis Of So Many Dishes - Whether Raw , Sautéed , Baked , Steamed Or Boiled , That It Would Be Difficult To Imagine The Cuisine Of Any Country Without It .The Reason That The Onion Is So Much More Active In Its Raw State Than When Cooked , Is That It Contains A Variety , That Provide The Benefits .
    • Those Who Are Not Tempted By The Idea Of Eating Raw Onions Can Follow Simple Cooking Methods That May Make Them More Palatable . Onions Baked In Their Skins , In A Similar Way To Baked Potatoes , Are Also Delicious . This Method Of Cooking Keeps All The Goodness Inside , But The Resulting Is Milder And More Aromatic Than That Of Raw Onions .
    • Organic Onion Are A Versatile Addition To Spice Pantries Alongside Other Condiments . Onion Can Be Utilized In Cuisines From All Over The World . Providing A Powerful, Familiar , They Can Be Used Wherever Onions Are Required .
    • This Product Is Extremely Versatile – Use It As A Condiment Or A Seasoning In Anything From Hamburgers To Cooked Pasta .Organic Onion These Provide A Combination Of Sweet And Spicy That Leave To Many Prepared Dishes .
    • Best Uses : Soups , Stews , Chicken Dishes , Salads , Hamburgers , Hot Dogs , Sauces , Marinades , Garlic Bread , Pasta . Fast , Efficient And Tear Free Alternative To Raw Onions Blends Well In Food And Botanical Name : Allium Cepa
    • Quantity : 1 Pack = 17.64 oz / 500 gm

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