Pure & Organic Parsley Whole Seeds Seed Dried Natural ( 17.64 oz / 500 gm ) Herbal Herbs Herb For Planting Seasoning Spice Spices No Additives No Preservatives Non Gmo Kosher Halal بذر بقدونس

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    • Item Description : 100% Pure & Organic Parsley Whole Seed Seeds Dried Dry Petroselinum Crispum Premium Quality Apium Vegetable Natural Herbal Herb Herbs Fresh For Planting Seasoning Spice Spices No Additives No Preservatives Non Gmo Kosher Halal ( 17.64 oz / 500 gm ) بقدونس بذر حلال
    • Parsley Is A Popular Herb Often Used In American , European And Middle Eastern Cooking . It’s Commonly Used To Elevate Of Dishes Like Soups , Salads , And Fish Recipes . Aside From Its Many Culinary Uses , Parsley Is Highly Nutritious And Shown To Have Many Powerful Benefits .
    • Looking For The Most Popular Culinary Herbs ? - Start Growing Your Own Herb Garden Indoors Or Outdoors . Nothing Compares To Fresh Herb Plants And A Beautiful Garden . Great For Cooking . Everything You Need To Bring The Joy Of Planting Savory Herbs Into Your Or A Loved One's Life .
    • Great Gift For Gardeners & Chefs - What Else Is Better Than Giving A Gardener A Bag Full Of Seeds To Have A Bountiful Garden Or For Those That Are Like To Be Prepared Culinary .
    • Seeds Are Contained Inside In Pouch To Maintain Freshness And Quality Of The Seeds . Plant Seeds All Year Indoors As A Window Herb Garden Or Transfer Them To Raised Planter To Enjoy Amazing Herbs All Year .
    • These Can Be Used As An Indoor Herb Garden , Gardening Kit , A Kitchen Herb Garden , Or In An Outdoor Garden Bed . Plant More And Use As Spouts Or Micro Greens . Easy To Grow , High Germination Herb Seeds
    • Parsley Is An Herb Vegetable With Many Culinary Uses . It Is Great To Have Fresh Parsley Always On Hand ! Parsley And Other Members Of The Umbelliferae Family .
    • Quantity : 1 Pack = 17.64 oz / 500 gm