( 4.23 oz / 120 gm ) Pure & Organic Peppercorns Black Pepper Whole Seeds Seed Bulk Natural Dried Herb Herbs Herbal Seasoning Spices Spice Cooking Kosher No Additives Non Gmo Halal فلفل اسود

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  • Natural Black Pepper Seed Seeds 100% Natural Herbal Herb Herbs Vegan Spice Seasoning Egyptian Mediterranean Food Amazing Cooking With Black Pepper Fresh Perfect , Best Uses : Seasoning , Hot Beverage Ingredient , Spice Blends , Soups , Marinades , Olive Oil
  • Pepper Is Usually Dried And Used As A Spice And Seasoning . There Are Three Types Of Pepper . Black , White And Green Pepper . Dried Pepper Is One Of The Most Common Spices In The European Cuisine . Like All Oriental Spices Pepper Was Historically Used As Seasoning .
  • Dried And Cooked Peppercorns Have Been Used Since Antiquity . Black Pepper Is The World's Most Traded Spice , Is One Of The Most Common Spices Added To Cuisines Around The World . Which Is A Different Kind Of Spicy From  Characteristic Of Chili Peppers . It Is Ubiquitous In The Modern World As A Seasoning , And Is Often Paired With Salt And Available On Dining Tables In Shakers Or Mills .
  • But Black Pepper Is More Than Just A Kitchen Staple . It Has Been Deemed The “ King Of Spices ” For Thousands Of Years Due To Its High Concentration Of Potent , Beneficial Plant Compounds .
  • More Common In Middle Eastern Cooking , Long Pepper Is Often Used With Other Spices To Tast Foods Such As Spicy Cheeses , Stews And Lamb Dishes , Chicken , Fish . Providing A Sweet And Spicy Tasting
  • Black Peppercorns Has A Full , Robust Described As Almost Fruity . Its Mellow Complexity Makes It A Wonderful All Purpose Pepper In Your Kitchen . Fresh Black Peppercorn From Farmer To Your Table , Black Peppercorns Are High Graded And They Are Favorites Of Chefs And Home Cooks .
  • Quantity : 1 Pack = 4.23 oz / 120 gm
  • Manufacture & Expiration Dates Indicated On The Main Package Are In European Format Which Is DD/MM/YY .

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