( 3.52 oz / 100 gm ) Pure & Organic Cloves Clove Ground Powder Dried Herb Herbs Herbal Natural Tea Seasoning Spices Spice Halal Kosher قرنفل مطحون

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Brand : BonBalloon

Features :

  • Pure & Organic Cloves Clove Ground Powder Dried Natural Fresh Herbal Herb Herbs Tea Seasoning Spice Spices Non Gmo Vegan No Additives No Preservatives Halal Bulk Halal Kosher Great For Food & Tea Potpourri
  • Cloves Ground Is Used In Desserts , Baking Or BBQ Sauce . Cloves Are Also Perfect When Making A Sweet Marinade For Chickens .
  • Cloves Ground Can Be Used To Make Tea And As Flavor Agents In Different Recipes . You Can Add Cloves To Cakes By Grinding Them . This Gives Your Baked Goods An Extra Kick . Cloves Go Well With Nutmeg And Cinnamon .You Can Also Add A Couple Of Cloves To Your Morning Tea .You Can Add Cloves To Your Rice Preparations
  • Cloves Are Known For Their Strong , Many Cuisines Include Cloves , And It Is Also An Ingredient In Certain Condiments , Including Ketchup . Cloves Are Also Sometimes Used To Make Chai , Which Is A Mixture Of Tea , Spices , And Milk Popular . This Chai Recipe Incorporates Cloves
  • Cloves Ground Can Be Used In Savory Dishes As In This Recipe For Baked Chicken , Cinnamon And Preserved Lemons .Cloves Are Dried That Come From The Clove Tree .
  • Quantity : 1 Pack = 3.52 oz / 100 gm

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